Create a new programme

  1. On logging in you will see Programmes and Games. Select Programmes.

  2. Click the large black button CREATE PROGRAMME at the bottom of the page.

  3. Under the field Name, select the desired title for the selection programme.

  4. Below this there is a checkbox Autoemail report. Select this if you want a tailored report to be automatically sent to every candidate completing the game. We recommend reviewing the results first.

  5. Select the Game(s) you want to include in the selection procedure by ticking the appropriate boxes.

  6. Click the CREATE button to continue.

  7. This information can be reviewed at any time by clicking Edit by the programme title in the top left corner.

Overview of programme(s)

Once created, an overview of your programme(s) can be accessed by clicking “programmes” at the top of the browser. Here you will see a list of your current programmes organised by date created. The number of candidates emailed and number of games completed is also displayed.

Programme dashboard

To access your specific programme, click on the name that you gave it on creation. Upon clicking you should see 5 short-cuts:

  1. View Players: a summary of candidate’ details.

  2. Add Players: options to add candidates manually or via CSV import.

  3. Export Players: export candidate details with raw trait scores.

  4. Email Reminders: immediately send email reminders to your total candidate population.

  5. Email Invitations: send invitations to your candidate population.

Scrolling down further you should see:

  1. The games that you have assigned your candidates to play e.g. Firefly Freedom.

  2. Email: options to customize email invitations, reminders and feedback reports.

  3. Norm Groups: the norm groups assigned to your company

  4. Reports: option to auto-email individual candidate reports.

  5. Results: click for a graphical representation of player results by trait.

  6. Selection: choose standard cut-offs for final candidate selection.